Marriage Toolkit Workshop

Most people spend a small fortune on the day of their wedding. But how many of those same people would be willing to invest a small fraction of that amount on their actual marriage?
The Marriage Toolkit Workshop series is all about identifying paths that everyone’s relationship take sooner or later, understanding and being ready for new directions, and developing the knowledge and skills to grow your marriage into a lifelong, loving partnership.
Some of the subjects covered in our one evening course include:

  • Chicks aren’t just long haired dudes (Understanding the fundamental differences between men and women)
  • Unconditional love doesn’t necessarily mean unconditional silence
  • Keep building even in hard times
  • “But all my friends say he’s such a jerk!” (Learning who to listen to and who to tell to butt out!)
  • Putting the past in perspective
  • “I want to kill my in-laws.” (Dealing with and building relationships with your new family)
  • Fight like you mean it! (When you can’t agree to disagree, develop skills to avoid an all out fight, learn to give and receive criticism from your mate, and both walk away winners)

…..and a lot more. You DO NOT want to miss this fun, interactive, super profitable, relationship building evening!

Here’s what people are saying-                       

To be honest we were both apprehensive about coming…BUT it was amazing! You hit home on so many levels and values. You reaffirmed the things we have talked about already and made us realize how important it is to talk and have these values established. Thank you SO much…we are beyond excited to have you as our officiant!

I really enjoyed the workshop. All the material is excellent!”

It is refreshing to hear from someone who has been married for over 20 years to encourage communication in a constructive and positive manner and to tackle difficult topics like in-laws and finances. I also really appreciated the lessons I can apply outside of marriage in ‘real life’. Thank you- for your time and effort involved in the Workshop and your commitment to helping relationships succeed.

We’ve been together since college and lived together for almost four years so we really thought we had everything figured out. This session really made me think differently about the way we argue, deal with money, etc. It was great to do a course like this with other couples our age and I really enjoyed listening to you speak!”

It is so nice to have this offered…a little humor mixed in with wedding planning is great!”

A great presentation! Your approach and excitement made the dinner and your stories are perfect (you should add more if possible). There is a lot of great information and you don’t need to change anything!”

I really liked all the stories and openness…I just wish there had been more time!”